Season starts on 6th of August !
Hi everybody, The "Ouga and Marty L1 Stadium Tour Show", what is that ? Ouga : it's me ! Marty: it's Julien, a friend who will follows my adventures. L1 Stadium Tour : it's the tour which show us the 20 L1 Stadiums for 2011-2012 season. So if I sum up : us (Ouga and Marty) will propose you to follow one match... 
Traveling Section opening !
Hello everybody ! Traveling Section from Sports and Travels .com is now open ! You will follow here my experiments of road trip, united states tour show, ... There will be too my advices to travel close to your home and all over the world !  La Suite →
Sports section opening  !
Hello everybody ! The Sports section from Sports and Travels .com is now open You will read there the news and my experiment of European and American sports : Football, Tennis, Rugby, ... but also Soccer, US Football , Basketball, ...  La Suite →
Here is the L1 football league coming on August the 6th !
Beginning the 06 of August 2011. You can consult the calendar on the LFP web site on the link below:  La Suite →